DescriptionDateCityPayment methodSellerCategoryTotal
25 envelopes for church cash donations.2023-01-28San SalvadorCashLibreria y Papeleria LatinoamericanaStationery supplies for church0.95
Front tooth crown (payment 2 of 2), occlusal mouth guard, dental cleaning.2023-01-28San SalvadorCredit card ****-****-****-****Dental COPHealth, Oral health439.99
3 pupusas and 1 cup of milk.2023-01-27San SalvadorCredit card ****-****-****-****La PopuzaRestaurant church fellowship, Restaurant6.00
Transfer domain for unionchurchss.org.2023-01-27San SalvadorCredit card ****-****-****-****Namecheap, Inc.Christian ministry donation, Union Church of San Salvador donation, Domain name10.46
YES Yogurt.2023-01-27San SalvadorCredit card ****-****-****-****Super SelectosFood for home28.80
Bananas for Union Church Joshua Bible study.2023-01-26San SalvadorCashStreer vendorFood contribution for church fellowship0.50
Top up account balance for unionchurchss.org.2023-01-26San SalvadorCredit card ****-****-****-****Namecheap, Inc.Domain name, Christian ministry donation, Union Church of San Salvador donation11.16
8 oz. of meat, potato, chirmol, tortilla and water.2023-01-22San SalvadorCredit card ****-****-****-****CalichesRestaurant church fellowship, Restaurant11.28
Parking fee for 60 to 120 minutes.2023-01-21San SalvadorCashVillas EspanolasParking1.00
Front tooth crown. Payment 1 of 2.2023-01-21San SalvadorCredit card ****-****-****-****Dental COPOral health, Health225.00
4 pupusas and 1 cup of milk.2023-01-20San SalvadorCashLa PopuzaRestaurant church fellowship, Restaurant7.50
Internet for January and February 2023.2023-01-18San SalvadorCredit card ****-****-****-****JapiInternet85.48
Subscription to Coursera Plus from January 19, 2023 to January 19, 2024 (UTC).2023-01-18San SalvadorCredit card ****-****-****-****CourseraCoursera, Digital subscription, Education399.00


DescriptionDateCityPayment methodBuyerCategoryTotal
January 2023 salary.2023-01-27San SalvadorElectronic transferTEAM International Services, Inc.Salary4075.00
Credit card reward program.2023-01-25San SalvadorElectronic transferBAC CredomaticCard reward program0.64
Money found on the street.2023-01-20San SalvadorCashNobodyMoney found0.01
Credit card reward program.2023-01-18San SalvadorElectronic transferBAC CredomaticCard reward program7.49