Income Investing: An Intelligent Approach to Profiting from Bonds, Stocks, and Money Markets

"Anyone who has taken a basic course in economics or who has thought about markets of any kind understands that markets operate on the basis of supply and demand. When a certain good is in high demand and has a low supply, the cost of that good goes up." (Chapter 2)

The demand for my labor derives from the demand for what my labor produces. A strong demand for what I produce creates a demand for my labor to continue producing more. If I continuously improve my skills, I can improve the demand for my services, since the improvement of my skills gives me the capacity to be more productive to my employers. This is something I learned from All of this reveals that I must continue improving my skills constantly. That is an investment to put myself in a position where my labor is in high demand and has a low supply, resulting in the cost of my labor going up. For that reason, I am always learning from books, courses and videos. I publish on my website how I apply or practice what I learn. In that process, my personal website becomes my portfolio.

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