Outliers: The Story of Success

My highlights and comments

"All the outliers we've looked at so far were the beneficiaries of some kind of unusual opportunity. Lucky breaks don't seem like the exception with software billionaires and rock bands and star athletes. They seem like the rule." (Chapter 2, Section 6)

How did I transition from obese (about 172 pounds at the beginning of March 2020) to normal weight for my height and age (127.4272 pounds on May 15, 2021)? I was the beneficiary of the combination of unusual opportunities:

  1. The pandemic. It meant the transition for mea to eat healthy and stop eating unhealthy food pretty much every day. Initially I thought the transmission of COVID-19 was largely through food. That scared me because I was buying food from restaurants, fast food, or places outside too often, almost every day. Since the pandemic started in El Salvador in March 2020 with strict government rules, I stayed home all the time and that allowed me to eat exclusively at home for an extended period of time. That's were my eating habits changed dramatically for the better.
  2. I am single. I started a very intensive program of exercise that demanded more than one hour every day, running on the treadmill. That's running about 10 kilometers every day, while working full-time. This means I would wake up early to run, and do it at night as well (or at lunch hour). A wife may have demanded time and considered my workout program too intense and time-consuming. That may have become a competition between time for the family versus time for my fitness program.
  3. I work from home and have two treadmills at home. That allowed me to exercise every day following my intense program. No need to commute to work or to the fitness center/gym. That has allowed me to exercise at lunch hour or doing it just before starting to work. I have been able to devote the hours that it takes my running program, while working full time, without sacrificing my running schedule. When one treadmill broke, I had a back-up. Lack of treadmills did not stop the continuity of my running program.
  4. I have an Apple Watch. That has allowed me to monitor my heart rate BPM and push myself to my limits fully understanding what my limits are.
  5. Eating program. I have had the money to afford eating the food I need for my demanding exercising program. My diet has been healthy while containing the nutrients I needed to keep a demanding running program.
  6. Education. I was exposed to this book: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business. That was life-changing for me concerning my fitness program. I taught me how to build habits successfully, which was key for me to have the discipline to create, develop and maintain my fitness program that was successful to transform my body from obese to normal.

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