Personal Branding For Dummies, 2nd Edition

"While any of the social networking options may be fine, your profile hub of choice may likely be your own website and/or blog site." (Chapter 10)

My website is definitely my profile hub of choice.

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"Have a professional headshot taken. Using your headshot on your website gives the viewer a sense of trust." (Chapter 13)

I have a professional headshot on the home page of my website. I want to give my visitors a sense of trust, especially considering that I am not famous and that means that many of my visitors have no idea who I am. A professional headshot is not going to automatically make my visitors trust my website but at least it reveals that I am a human, it shows my face and my visitors will know that I am not hiding. A human being is behind my website (me!) and the site is not simply HTML and code that people have to see as something spammy or suspicious. Certainly hackers or people doing bad things with their websites do not like to show their real faces and résumés online.

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Proponents of higher education argue that you need to be an educated person to make it in the world. Proponents of vocational education say that you need to develop a specific skill to be useful. These days, most employers realize that both arguments are true — and neither type of education is enough on its own.

In decades past, having a college degree ensured your employability. But as recent college graduates are well aware, that degree doesn’t ensure employment any more — especially if the student hasn’t developed a special employable skill set. In fact, many college graduates are now enrolling in vocational programs, such as bookkeeping, veterinary technician, or cosmetology, to learn specific skills.

On the other hand, a vocational student who hasn’t learned to think more broadly may plateau at a certain career level with no possibility of promotion.

REMEMBER You always need to be learning and figuring out more about the niche that defines your personal brand. Your learning options may include university extension programs, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), community college courses, weekend training seminars, online skill-building courses, and watching YouTube videos. You can never, ever think you’re finished learning, or your brand (and your career) will stagnate." (Chapter 16)

I may add more learning options in the future to my toolbox. is one of them that I have tried and liked. However, I feel that for now I have enough on my plate. Currently, the two learning platforms that I am using are:

  1. O’Reilly online learning (previously known as Safari Books Online).
  2. Coursera, where I am taking online courses and specializations. I have identified a graduate degree that I may start in the future.

This is how I continue to educate myself. I am planning to continue learning for the rest of my life using platforms such as the ones I have mentioned above. Taking certifications is another option that I am planning to use to improve my educational credentials.

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