Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It...and Why the Rest Don't (Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

"And along the journey, there is a set of habits — routines — that will make the climb easier. “Routine sets you free” is a key driving principle behind our methodologies and tools. You may set a goal to lose weight, but unless you change some daily and weekly routines, it will never be accomplished. Goals without routines are wishes; routines without goals are aimless. The most successful business leaders have a clear vision and the disciplines (routines) to make it a reality. “Routine sets you free.”" (Chapter 1)

My goal is to lose weight and in order to achieve it, I created the routine of running on the treadmill at an easy pace of 5 mph starting from the day when I turned thirty three years old. I publish my workout statistics at

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'Strategic thinking requires a handful of senior leaders meeting weekly (it's not sufficient to do strategy work once a quarter or once a year) in what Jim Collins calls "the council." It's a meeting separate from the standard executive team meeting. Rather than getting mired in operational issues, the strategic thinking team is focused on discussing a few big strategic issues including those outlined in the SWT and 7 Strata tools summarized below.
Strategic thinking iterations
' (Chapter 1)

I joined "the council" at the company I work for. We meet weekly to do strategy work so that instead of scheduling strategic thinking time once every quarter or year, we do it every week using iterations to take strategic decisions often, test them, and constantly improve using experiments while relying on results.

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"At the same time, there may be some people in your personal or professional life who are destructive — literally draining the life out of you — and/or distract you from your higher goals. There’s a space on the form where you can note relationships you want to end gracefully." (Chapter 3)

I have started to pay special attention to the fact that in my personal and professional life, avoiding to join the wrong team is as important as building and joining the right team.

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"Onboarding — Getting the First Impression Right

One of the biggest opportunities to grow and align your people is when they first start working for you. Their initial weeks on the job represent a unique chance to create connection and deeply ingrain a company’s DNA into new people. Yet few companies make proper use of this opportunity. Instead, the first days on the job often feel more like waterboarding than onboarding: no desk, no computer, no phone, the new boss is traveling, and the first assignment is shadowing an unenthusiastic colleague for two weeks.

Famous sales coach and dear friend Jack Daly suggests, “Why don’t you throw people a party when they start, instead of when they leave?” Sydney-based software firm Atlassian sends each new employee, whatever his or her position, to a resort spa the weekend before the start date as a way to celebrate the new job. The spouse or a guest gets to go along — making both new employees and their spouses raving Atlassian fans.

Why not have balloons suspended from her chair (Appletree Answers has a Herman Miller Aeron chair for each call center worker); a signed welcome card; and a celebration lunch with cake? Or, as Daly did for every new employee he hired, send a gift basket to his house/spouse, timed to be awaiting his arrival home after the first day on the job. Onboarding needs to be a celebration, not paperwork. It should create emotional connections between the new recruit and a maximum number of team members." (Chapter 5)

I bought a cheesecake to celebrate with coworkers the rehire of a past employee who came back to the company. The idea was to make the person feel welcome when rejoining the company instead of only doing something like that to say goodbye.

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'NOTE: This is the first time the term “differentiation” has been used. Competitors can pursue owning the same words, make the same Brand Promises, and offer the same guarantees. However, it’s HOW you deliver on your promises where differentiation occurs. Adds Kevin Daum, author of ROAR! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle: A Business Fable, “a true differentiator can only be defined as something your competitor won’t do or can’t do without great effort or expense. Often these can take years to develop since if it can be done cheaply, easily and quickly it provides little or no competitive advantage.”' (Chapter 7)

My differentiator is the books that I read, study and practice. Not to mention the new books that I will add to my collection in the future.

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"*Rocks: This term honors the late Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change. He would demonstrate how, if you have a limited amount of time (a bucket) and put in a bunch of pebbles first (email, distractions, etc.), there’s not much room for the big important stuff (Rocks). But if you reverse the process — take care of the big things first — then there’s room for all of it. To see an excellent demonstration of Covey’s rock analogy, go to YouTube and search “Big Rocks in First” and watch the six-minute video with your team." (Chapter 8)

Reading books, applying or practicing what I read from those books, and increasing my vocabulary with new words that I did not know from that reading journey is one of my "Big Rocks".

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In addition to sizing up the immediate opportunities and threats that the SWOT tends to surface, the senior team needs to rise above all of this. Leaders should look at major trends, such as significant changes in technology, distribution, product innovation, markets, and consumer and social developments around the world that might shake up not only the business but the entire industry.

Forget about the competitor down the street. Is there a company on the other side of the globe that might put you out of business? Is there a new technology coming onto the start-up scene that could lead to an overnight change in the way all companies must do business? How is robotics changing the very nature of work? These are the kinds of questions the strategic thinking team must explore." (Chapter 8)

I examined the survey results to learn about technology trends in terms of worldwide popularity. I want to stay relevant in my knowledge as a programmer and I discovered that I needed to learn Node.js, Angular and React. I have realized that I should not solely rely on PHP for my future because Python seems to be growing exponentially and PHP salaries seem to be lower than what can be earned using other programming technologies. I also learned that JavaScript is still as relevant as it has been during the last few years and it is a good investment if I continue focusing on JavaScript and learning/practicing it even more.

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"The team meets frequently (weekly is best) for strategic thinking." (Chapter 8)

I participate every Monday in the Meeting of Directors of the company that I work for in order to discuss strategic thinking.

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"All employees are in a daily huddle that lasts less than 15 minutes." (Chapter 8)

Every morning from Monday through Friday I am in a daily huddle that lasts approximately 13 minutes.

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"2. The quarterly and annual planning meetings. At this one- to three-day offsite meeting, leaders update the Growth Tools" (Chapter 11)

I participated in a quarterly meeting where we updated the One-Page Strategic Plan (OPSP), which is one part of the Growth Tools available at

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