The Logic of God: 52 Christian Essentials for the Heart and Mind

"Contrast them with a surgeon at work, completely focused on the delicate task at hand and the patient entrusted to his or her care. Think too of the hours one must invest in preparing for such a vocation and the disciplines needed in order to develop such skills. Or consider a mother with her children. Think of the hours she has invested to be by their sides and to understand what they really need.
Can we do any less in the discipline of study and preparation to finish the task to which God has called us? To echo Charles Spurgeon, the study of God is the highest science, the loftiest pursuit, and the mightiest discipline." (Chapter 8)

I invest in my professional development as a programmer. By attending church and Bible study, I am also investing in my spiritual development.

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1. How have you handled disappointment in prayer?
2. Are there areas of your life awaiting God's healing touch?" (Chapter 27)

I have handled disappointment in prayer by understanding that I am a finite human who does not see the entire picture. I am only a spot in a big picture and because I do not see the entire image of God's plans, I have prayed for things that God has not given me. I do have areas of my life awaiting God's healing touch. I know God is good and perfect, even though sometimes my prayers have not received the answer that I wanted.

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