Zend Studio™ for Eclipse Developer’s Guide

"The Outline view is one of the views that you will use most often during your code development, so it would be in your best interest to become familiar with it as soon as possible. Imagine having a large object-oriented PHP project with lots of classes, methods, and properties and then having to locate a certain method to adjust its workings. The Outline view not only organizes the information for you, but also takes you to the code file and exact line of code in question after you locate it in that view." (Chapter 1)

I had a PHP class containing many functions. By using the Outline view, I was able to easily locate the functions that I needed to modify. I also needed to go to the last few lines of code within a function that did not have proper indentation and had many lines. The Outline view allowed me to easily navigate to the function located immediately after the one I was interested in and then move up a few lines to reach exactly the code I needed to see. I also used this feature when I was trying to find the keyword "'Deal.neighborhood_id'", in a very long controller file in CakePHP. To my surprise, that keyword was found six times in the file in different locations. Some of those appearances were irrelevant to what I needed to find/do. I used the Outline view to know within which function was each of the appearances and that allowed me to quickly focus on the portions of code relevant to me and ignore the other instances. Similarly, when searching keywords, I have used the Outline view to go through each appearance of the keyword and determine whether or not the appearances are in functions I am interested in modifying.

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