jaimemontoya.com: Jaime Montoya's Personal Home Page

Welcome to jaimemontoya.com, Jaime Montoya's Personal Home Page, a website organized in two categories:

  1. Blog: Software technical documentation blog for myself and the world
  2. About: Jaime Montoya's one-page resume


To document repeatable and scalable software technical solutions based on my real-world experience working as a programmer for my full-time employers, clients of my freelancing products/services, individuals/organizations beneficiaries of my donated work/software/services, and myself (research/personal projects); providing software integrations that contribute to increase profits and reduce costs.


To make my software technical documentation of my real-world programming projects, the blueprint and framework to allow me to scale up to reproduce and multiply instances of the same or derivative work of my documented implementations and executions; making my blog a form of an unpublished free book available to help other programmers to use my work for their own software development. I will be a programmer whose contributions to software result in the creation of something that achieves notability.