Using Google AdSense again

After a few years without ads on my website, I am running Google AdSense again. I like how Google offers Auto ads to use one piece of code to display ads across a website.

I remember years ago, having to manually choose sizes and types of ads (text, images, or both) for my websites. I had to choose ads layout, background and font colors, and a number of configurations. Having many code snippets for different pages, devices and layouts used to make both installation and maintenance more difficult and time-consuming.

Now Google scans websites to analyze pages and decide where and how to place ads. They are mobile friendly and since Google understands the page structure of websites, they incorpotare ads based on what is optimal for each page, considering its type and amount of content, as well as the layout, type of device and screen size.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Google has sophisticated algorithms and data from website visitors to determine the specific ads to use for potentially increasing revenue.

Published: 10:57 PM GMT · Sep 24, 2023